rocked by 3 shots – Show 226 – 10 years of podcasting!

As of this month (August 2015) I will have been podcasting music for 10 years! Wow, what a ride it has been! This show features some of the bands from California that I've played over the years.

Song: Dog Eared Page
Band: The Matches
Album: E.Von Dahl Killed The Locals

Song: Somebody
Band: American Heartbreak
Album: Band: American Heartbreak (Rock and Roll)

Band: Beyond 7
Song: Light of Day
Album: Foam Orange County's Real Alternative

Band: Killola
Song: I Don’t Know Who.
Album: Louder, Louder

Band: Moxie
Song: I’ll Try
Album: Retrospective

Band: The Dollyrots
Song: Brand New Key
Album: Because I'm Awesome

Band: Automatic Static
Song: Hey Now
Album: The Murder of California

Band: Sugarcult
Song: Los Angeles

Band: We Are The Arsenal
Song: So Long
Album: They Worshipped The Trees

Song: Weatherman
Band: Dead Sara
Album: Dead Sara

This podcast was fueled by Firestone Pivo Pils

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